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“A Law Firm of Tax Attorneys”


IRS Tax Attorneys

The Landis Tax Group, P.C.  is a law firm of tax attorneys that has successfully resolved thousands of tax cases with the IRS as well as State and local agencies.  All of the tax attorneys at the Landis Tax Group possess superior educational bonafides and have obtained Masters of Laws in Taxation (LL.M.) in addition to their law degrees.  Each tax attorney as well as their staff are highly experienced and capable of resolving any tax issue presented and provide our clients with an exceptional level of service.  Our clients are continuously in communication with our attorneys and staff and therefore clearly understand the disposition of their tax matter and what to expect moving forward.

We offer standard fixed fees

We are able to offer fixed fees to our clients since we already understand what it takes to resolve a tax case.  Given our extensive experience, we know what effort is necessary to achieve a desired result.  While each tax case may exhibit unique facts, the process by which an IRS tax dispute is resolved is generally not unique.  Whether it is defending an IRS audit, negotiating an Offer in Compromise, releasing a tax lien, setting up an installment arrangement or any other action, we have already successfully completed those actions thousands of times and are familiar with the individuals at the IRS and State agencies. In most tax cases, we have  interacted with the same IRS Revenue Officers, Revenue Agents and IRS Attorneys on a daily basis.  As such, there should be no surprises during the tax  resolution process.

Given the foregoing,  we are quick and efficient and we know how much time and effort is necessary to achieve a successful resolution and thus can quote fixed fees.  During our 28 years of experience, we have seen every type of case hundreds of times.

We are sought out to handle the most difficult cases

Our high level of skill has brought us many industry-wide awards and acclaim.  We are honored that many attorneys who have their own IRS problems seek us out for representation.  Further, we are regularly consulted on the most difficult and largest tax cases in the country that often require experience and knowledge that most other tax firms do not possess.

We have a sterling reputation

We are proud that our efforts over the years has resulted in sterling reputation.  Not only do we believe we have the most satisfied clients in the industry as exhibited by our on-line reviews, but we have also garnered the respect of the IRS employees.  Many IRS employees across the country have even referred their own family and friends to us for help.


IRS Tax Firm


We are the last Tax Law Firm you will need to hire

Over the years, we have noticed that many of our clients have been unsuccessfully represented by large national IRS resolution firms that are NOT law firms and that market heavily on television and radio.  We have also noticed that many of these firms charge fees much greater than ours so as to cover their extensive marketing budgets.  At The Landis Tax Group, P.C., we are often retained to repair and resolve the damage these national marketing firms often create.  We consider ourselves the “last stop” for IRS resolution whereby our clients IRS problems are finally and permanently.