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Practice & Experience

The tax attorneys at Segal, Cohen & Landis, P.C. have settled thousands of tax cases with both the examination and collection divisions of the IRS. This has led to a loyal following of clients that very few firms can match. If you are not satisfied with the expertise and service of your current IRS representation, then you haven’t engaged the services of Segal, Cohen & Landis P.C.


Experienced Advisors

Segal, Cohen & Landis PC is staffed with attorneys who possess advanced post doctorate degrees who are also recognized as Expert Tax Attorneys by various judicial jurisdictions.  Samuel Landis has also been highly  respected law school professor in the field of Taxation.


Ability to Stay

One Step Ahead

Given our 30 years of experience with the resolution of over 10,000 cases, there are no surprises.  We know exactly what to do and when to do it.

Knowledge That Can Serve Your Needs

Every IRS and tax matter is unique.  We possess the skill and experience to identify your issue and then provide the optimal path to resolution.


Samuel Landis

Our Team

Samuel Landis, (Senior Partner)

Samuel C. Landis, Esq.

Since obtaining his law degree, Samuel Landis has gone on to earn his masters’ degree (LL.M) in taxation law from Boston University. As a highly rated adjunct tax law professor for over 15 years, Samuel Landis has helped to teach aspiring attorneys the intricacies of the US Tax Code. He has also had the courage and tenacity to push through many advancements in IRS settlement techniques. He has been one of the pioneering and driving forces in IRS controversy resolution. He has developed numerous techniques to resolve IRS matters, which are effective and efficient for both client settlement and IRS processing, equally. As a result, he has gained a superlative reputation for his innovative solutions to resolving the most difficult tax problems.

Samuel Landis has represented some of the largest tax cases in both the entertainment and music industry due to his exceptional quality of work and his commitment to maintaining the utmost level of discretion and privacy for his clients.

Gregory Segal, (Of Counsel)

Gregory Segal, Esq.

With a 15 year background in civil litigation, Gregory Segal has gained the reputation of not “giving in” or “settling” if he believes a better result is possible. Gregory Segal, along with his partner Samuel Landis, has been one of the pioneering and driving forces in IRS controversy resolution. Gregory Segal has handled a variety of complex, news grabbing cases featured in various legal and entertainment journals. In addition, he has served as a legal analyst for ABC talk radio on various legal issues as well as maintaining a reputation as a highly rated lecturer on tax resolution issues to CPAs and accountants.

Gregory Segal
Victoria Lee

Victoria Lee (Managing Attorney)

Victoria Lee, Esq.

Victoria Lee’s practice involves multistate tax controversy matters for all tax types. She helps both individual and business clients navigate through Federal and SALT disputes involving audits, judicial/administrative hearings, and judicial/administrative appeals. Victoria has a passion for obtaining the best resolution for clients whether through negotiating with taxing entities or litigation.

After completing law school, Victoria Lee earned her Master’s of Law Degree (LL.M.) in Taxation from Loyola Law School Los Angeles. While obtaining her LL.M., Victoria externed with the IRS Office of Chief Counsel where she appeared in the United States Tax Court to litigate cases involving a variety of issues. Victoria also has a broad range of experience in Gift and Estate Taxation and Charitable and Nonprofit tax compliance.

Victoria Lee has been recognized for pro bono and legal honors for her involvement in the community and her knowledge of taxation.

We offer standard fixed fees

The expertise of the attorneys at Segal, Cohen & Landis, P.C. allows them to quote standard fixed fees because they already know every aspect in resolving your case. Given their extensive history with IRS resolution, your case is not unique to them and similar cases to yours have already been resolved quickly and efficiently hundreds of times.

We have represented governmental entities facing IRS attack. Given the high level skills available at Segal, Cohen & Landis P.C., the most complex and difficult class of cases have found their way to Samuel Landis and Gregory Segal. This class of cases includes governmental entities and even other tax attorneys under attack by the IRS.

Our firm has a sterling reputation among IRS attorneys, appeals officers, agents, and reviewer officials. Given the long history and extensive experience in teaching and practicing tax law, Segal, Cohen & Landis, P.C. has developed a sterling reputation with the various IRS divisions. No time is wasted by the attorneys at Segal, Cohen & Landis, P.C. in developing techniques to resolve various tax issues. This great efficiency has led to a very cooperative relationship with the IRS.


Our firm regularly repairs and reverses the many mistakes made by large national tax firms. Segal, Cohen & Landis, P.C. has developed a reputation for being the final attorney a client needs to hire with respect to IRS disputes. Many clients who have retained other tax firms have eventually hired Segal, Cohen & Landis, P.C. to finally and permanently resolve their IRS disputes and matters.

Our firm offers one-on-one individualized and customized service. When you retain the services of Segal, Cohen & Landis, P.C., you will be communicating directly with Gregory Segal and Samuel Landis. They will be personally familiar with your matter and resolve the matter themselves. Your case will not be passed off to another attorney or “tax consultant” for resolution. In order to provide the high level service and quality of result that has made Segal, Cohen & Landis, P.C. the esteemed and respectable firm that it is, Gregory Segal and Samuel Landis insist on doing all of their own work.

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