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Flat Fee of only $190 per month!
Have Questions? Call us and speak to a tax lawyer!

How This Works

Step 1: Talk to a tax lawyer

a. The tax lawyers of The Landis Tax Group have been subcontracted to Lawyers IRS Resolution Services to analyze and advise you on how to solve your IRS problem

b. The Landis Tax Group and its lawyers have been successful in resolving IRS problem for over 27 years.

c. You will not receive any better advice at any price!

Step 2: Document Preparation

The staff of the Lawyers IRS Resolution Group will access your IRS records for you and directly communicate with you in preparation of the documents necessary to submit to the IRS to solve your IRS issue. This includes (but is not limited to) Offers-in-Compromise, installment arrangements, appeals, protests to the filing of Federal Tax Liens, innocent and injured spouse claims, currently non-collectible status. (Specialty and complex cases and documents may also be addressed).

Step 3: Talk to a tax lawyer again

a. Now that your documents are completed, the tax attorneys will review them and confirm that the proper strategy and documents are being implemented and filed with the IRS. Any additional questions you have will be answered.

b. We will send you your IRS resolution documents, you will sign them and send them to the IRS in the envelope we provide you.

What If I Need More Help

No Problem…You may have additional consultations with the tax attorneys as your matters works its way through the IRS. Our staff is also there to help you until your matter is concluded.

What if I just Want To Hire A Tax Attorney?

Customers of Lawyers IRS Resolution Services have the opportunity to hire the tax attorneys of the Landis Tax Group to personally solve their IRS problems. In most cases, a flat monthly fee of $490/mos is the cost and most cases are concluded within 3 to 6 months

What If I Have More Questions?

If you have more questions, just call us!  1-800.we-help-u (1.800.934.3578)

Want More Information About Lawyers IRS Resolution Services?

We are team of dedicated professionals trained by the Landis Tax Group, P.C.

Landis Tax Group, P.C., a law firm of tax attorneys, collectively has over forty years of tax litigation experience and have successfully resolved over 8,500 IRS disputes. IRS tax attorneys in our firm possess Master of Law degrees (LL.M) in Taxation with specialties in IRS dispute and controversy resolution. Our IRS Tax Attorneys resolve IRS Wage Garnishments, Levies, IRS Liens or Back Taxes. We negotiate Offer in Compromise or Installment Agreements with the IRS.   Landis Tax Group, P.C. has a stellar reputation in the legal community, and an exemplary record of customer satisfaction.

About our Founder

Since obtaining his law degree, Samuel Landis has gone on to earn his Master of Laws degree (LL.M) in Taxation from Boston University. As a highly rated adjunct tax law professor for over 15 years, Samuel Landis has helped to teach aspiring attorneys the intricacies of the US Tax Code. He has also had the courage and tenacity to push through many advancements in IRS settlement techniques. He has been one of the pioneering and driving forces in IRS controversy resolution. He has developed numerous techniques to resolve IRS matters, which are effective and efficient for both client settlement and IRS processing, equally. As a result, he has gained a superlative reputation for his innovative solutions to resolving the most difficult tax problems.

Samuel Landis has represented some of the largest tax cases in both the entertainment and music industry due to his exceptional quality of work and his commitment to maintaining the utmost level of discretion and privacy for his clients.

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